Mortgage Loyalty Reward™

No Cost

No Risk

Just Loyalty

The Future of Homeownership 
Financial Well-being Through Homeownership

Helping you save for your future
by making homeownership 
more attainable and more valuable


Give yourself the financial well-being you deserve

At Total Worth, we are financial professionals with a vision for a better future for you as a homeowner - a future where you have the ability to build additional wealth simply by making your mortgage payments on time.

No catches.

No gimmicks. 

Just pure innovation in home financing. 


How it worked before: 
Lenders give you a loan, charge you interest, and collect that interest over the life of your mortgage.

How it works now:
Our partnered lenders give you a loan, a portion of your lender's economics is invested on your behalf, and YOU collect the returns of that growth program ... between 10% and 25% of your interest paid over the life of the mortgage

- In Cash - To You. 

The Mortgage Loyalty Reward Program provides the opportunity to earn a cash return of 10% or as much as 25% of interest paid on your mortgage.

Below are some examples of what could happen for you:

Mortgage Amount




Interest Rate





Cash Return




You will be eligible to become a Platinum member and have the opportunity to earn an insured return of 20% of interest paid on your mortgage.

Mortgage Loyalty Reward members simply make regular mortgage payments to their lender - a portion is set aside that grows over time and is paid out in cash.

Calculate your total interest paid on a conventional mortgage and your projected reward as a Mortgage Loyalty Reward™ member.


10% AND 25%


Simply tell us a little about your mortgage.


We will search our participating lenders and connect you with our preferred lender.

Connect with our preferred lender and receive a prequalified standard mortgage offer 


Whether you choose to become a member of the Mortgage Loyalty Reward™ Program or not, the lender offer stands.