Mortgage Loyalty Reward™

How the program works:

A closer look

No Cost

No Risk

Just Loyalty

Secure a Mortgage From a Participating Lender

Revenue Share

  • Mortgage Loyalty Reward Program participating lenders agree to share a portion of their loan economics with you, if you are a long-term customer.

  • ​Participating lenders post their indicative rates to the platform.

  • Potential Program members identify the best-ranked lender by rate and satisfaction ratings.

  • Potential members create a membership login and select a loan originator from the list of best-ranked lending partners.

  • Selected lender will return your call promptly.

  • Homeowner and lender originate a conventional mortgage as per usual and priced as such.​


Simply Make Payments as Normal

Conventional Mortgage

  • Homeowner and lender originate a loan between themselves.

  • Upon closing, a borrower account is set-up on the Member portal and a secure login is provided to the homeowner.

  • Lender pays the TWF funding fees for the borrower to participate in the Program and borrower begins to make regularly scheduled payments to lender.

  • TWF begins funding the Mortgage Loyalty Reward Program on behalf of the borrower. 

  • Borrower continues to make regularly scheduled payments to lender and build equity in their home with every payment.

Insured Savings Set Aside for Your Benefit

Cash Back

  • Compounding returns allow the funded balance in the Mortgage Loyalty Reward Program to grow.

  • Borrower monitors the growth over time by accessing the TWF online portal.

  • The funding balance is estimated to grow to 25% of the interest paid over the life of your mortgage.

  • If you introduce another member to the Program, you will become a Platinum Member.

  • As a Platinum Member, your reward will be insured and you will receive at least 20% of the interest paid over the life of your mortgage.

Available Upon Demand

Transfer Balance

  • If you pay-off your loan before the maturity of the loan and seven years have passed, you will be eligible to receive the balance accrued in your Reward account.

  • Members will be eligible to roll the accrued balance of the Reward when Members obtain another mortgage with one of our partner lenders.

  • Upon loan pay-off, Members will claim their Mortgage Loyalty Reward Program within the TWF online portal.

Frequently asked questions:

Will I pay any more than I already am at closing?

That’s the great part about the Mortgage Loyalty Reward Program™. There is no fee and no risk to you as the borrower. The the lender uses a small portion of their loan economics to fund as long as you are a customer.  There are no costs to you to participate in the program. 

I don’t understand how I can earn a reward without paying any money. What’s the catch? 

After you have chosen to work with your lender, we are able to deliver this dynamic program to you that others cannot. There is no catch. Our goal is to ensure your complete and long-term satisfaction within your mortgage loan experience.  If you remain a long-term customer, everybody wins.  As a member of our patented loyalty program, we put your mortgage to work for you and by provide a significant reward at the end of your repayment. 

I plan to move before my 30-year mortgage is paid off - does this program still work for me?

The Program will still work for you if you remain in the home for at least 7 years. Whether you choose to refinance or move into a new mortgage, as long as you work with a participating lender, your reward can be rolled over or claimed at that time. 

Where does the money go that the lender pays Total Worth?

The lender fees paid to TWF as funding amounts are specifically allocated and segregated for your reward. TWF administers a financial growth program on your behalf. Since it is a long-term program it allows for consistent growth; accruing and compounding over the length of your mortgage and overcoming possible downturns. 

When will I be able to access the funds?

The Mortgage Loyalty Reward Program™ is a Reward set aside for your benefit after your mortgage is repaid.  It is not a savings account nor an investment account of any kind that you can withdraw funds from.  Even though it's in your name, it is not considered to be owned by you. The program is a Reward program that is setup on your behalf by your lender and TWF as the administrators of the program, and rewards you for paying-off your mortgage over the 30-year period. You won’t be able to claim the reward until your mortgage is repaid or if you pay your mortgage off early.  It’s important to remember the reward will be less than our planned projections if it is claimed earlier.   

What are tax implications of the program?

The Program is designed to defer the tax on the reward until the Reward is paid in cash. Thus, no taxes should be paid until you have made full repayment on your mortgage loan and receive the Reward in cash. You should contact your tax advisor for questions about your tax situation. 

Am I risking or investing anything?

The Mortgage Loyalty Reward Program™ is not an investment. This is a reward program that is designed with no risk to you as the borrower. 

I’ve never heard of Total Worth Financial - what is it?

Total Worth Financial (Total Worth) is a financial technology company, led by seasoned professionals. They are creators of the Mortgage Loyalty Reward Program.  TWF is focused on helping Americans achieve financial well-being through homeownership by solving some of the most common financial problems for existing and potential homeowners, including building savings while paying down a mortgage. 

Do I have to do anything on my end?

Once you are signed up for the Program, there is no action required on your part until you can claim your reward. At any time, you may login to the secure TWF online portal to review the current amount of your reward. 

Will I lose my HomeCache™ Reward if I refinance my mortgage?

The Mortgage Loyalty Reward Program™ allows you to refinance your mortgage and rollover the Reward into your new mortgage. You will need to use the same lender. Your Reward will not change and will continue to grow over time just as it would had you never refinanced. You can refinance as many times as you’d like as long as you use the same lender. By allowing you to refinance, you can still manage your mortgage effectively and ensure you get your reward at the end of your repayment. 

Will I have any obligations with anyone other than my mortgage company?

There are no obligations to you as a participant in the Mortgage Loyalty Reward Program™; including no cost, no second lien and no risk.  All you need to do is make your regularly scheduled payments and claim your reward with proof of your loan pay-off.

What if my reward doesn’t grow over time? 

The Mortgage Loyalty Reward Program™ has been structured so that certain funds are projected to be used and grow to 25% of the interest paid over the life of a 30-year mortgage. TWF has independently validated its projections by a certified actuary.  If the Reward is claimed prior to the complete fulfillment of the life of the mortgage and, depending on the length of time and the performance of the projected growth, the Reward could potentially be less than the projected 25% of interest paid but no less than 10% of interest paid over the life of the 30-year mortgage.